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4Legs Chicken and Beef Roll

An Australian provider of chilled pet foods, 4Legs is an innovator.

We investigated their latest NPD and found good availability, and highlight an opportunity to satisfy even the fussiest dogs - and their owners!

4Legs Dog Food - Chicken and Beef Roll

4Legs offers natural, fresh chilled and 100% preservative free pet food, without artificial colours, flavours or added sugar. They have Chicken and Beef rolls in their product portfolio, both of which have received great consumer reviews. Seeing as it is such a popular product range, we thought it would be interesting to see how well these products are being executed on the shelf. 

Retail Execution

We sent our network of shoppers into Australian supermarket stores to photograph & survey this product range. Different store formats in various regions were visited, and the table below outlines our rating of how well this product range was executed. 

Stores Surveyed

• 56 Stores: Coles and Woolworths

• Period: Aug 17th to Aug 19th

Aglo NPD Rating

The photos captured by shoppers were analysed using the Aglo Image Recognition engine. Key NPD metrics were extracted from the photos and used to generate a scorecard for this NPD.

Distribution 24/30 Product was distributed in 80% of total stores audited.
Assortment 10/25 60% of stores had only 1 SKU displayed on the shelf.
Facing 12/20 Only 36% of stores had 2 facings. In addition, there is a lot of empty space on the shelf in this category. (refer to store photos)
Availability 15/15 In stores which has this product ranged, there was ample stock available. Hence, it has good shelf availability.
Shelf Location 2/4 56% of products were located on the middle shelf (no clear planogram)
Retailers 2/4 Products were ranged at both major retailers (Coles and Woolworths)
Online Shop 1/1 Products were displayed in the online store catalogues.
Catalogue 0/1 No product in Woolworths and Coles catalogue (CBD) in August 2018.
TOTAL 66/100 4 Legs can improve their assortment on shelf, displaying both SKUs to shoppers

For 4Legs Dog Food – Chicken and Beef Roll, extending distribution is the main opportunity for this NPD. By using crowdsourcing to research & better understand the category and shelf layouts in stores, 4Legs Dog Food – Chicken and Beef Roll can obtain data to negotiate with retail buyers for additional space for this NPD.

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