AussieMite fights for shelf impact: we weigh their attempt to become the next Australian icon

With Kraft and Bega in court over Peanut Butter, local hero Aussiemite is getting into more stores.

We looked into their recent NPD and found great on shelf availability, but we have questions about their shelf impact.


AussieMite 175g was recently ranged at Coles. It is an alternative yeast spread for sandwiches, toast, crumpets and cracker biscuits. Recently, it also changed its packaging colour to yellow. We thought it would be interesting to assess well how this NPD is executed in-store.

NPD Execution

Aglo’s network of shoppers went into the aisles of Coles supermarkets to photograph this product on the shelf. Stores from various regions and different formats were visited to assess this NPD.

Stores Surveyed

• 43 Stores: Coles

• Period: Sep 20th to Sep 24th

Aglo NPD Rating

The photos captured by shoppers were analysed using the Aglo Image Recognition engine. Key NPD metrics were extracted from the photos and used to generate a scorecard for this NPD.

Distribution 11/30 Not many stores had this NPD, only 35% of Coles had AussieMite
Assortment 25/25 Only 1 SKU audited in this shopper research (All stores with this product had 100% assortment)
Facing 16/20 80% of stores with 2 facings. However, it was very difficult to spot this product on the shelf
Availability 15/15 The stores that had the product ranged all had plenty of stock on shelf.
Shelf Location 4/4 100% of products were located on the top shelf, hence full marks for consistency.
Retailers 1/4 Product was only ranged at Coles
Online Shop 0/1 We could not find the product listed in the Coles online store
Catalogue 0/1 No product found in the Coles catalogue (CBD) in September 2018
TOTAL 72/100 Distribution and improving shelf impact would be the areas of improvement for this newly released SKU at Coles.

For AussieMite, improving distribution & shelf impact is the main opportunity for this NPD. By using crowdsourcing to research & better understand the category and shelf layouts in stores, AussieMite can obtain data as input into these new initiatives.

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