The Amazon “Yellow Effect”

The Amazon “Yellow Effect”

The Amazon "Yellow Effect" on Coles and Woolworths' shelves

The shelves of Coles and Woolworths have been “painted” yellow since the release of Amazon Pantry in the Australian market.
Last week, our shoppers photographed the shelves of different stores across Australia and everything was on sale, with yellow tags “painting” the vitamin category.

According to the Australian Financial Review, both retailers have been in a battle against Amazon, cutting-off the prices on beauty and vitamins categories. The Australian Financial Review reported that Amazon has been offering competitive prices on the website, threatening the iconic retailers, and the counter-attack from the bricks & mortars have been through a massive promotion in-store.

Consumers are delighted to see promotions in store,  but they pay a price in convenience when they try to find their favourite product on yellow cluttered shelves. 

Store NSW
Store QLD

Unfortunately, in this battle within retailers and consumers, brands are negatively affected. Heavy and long-term price reductions across retailers reduce the brand value to consumers over time.

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