Consistent Brand Activation

Consistent Brand Activation

Brand activation: consistency until the point-of-sale

Brands spend thousands of dollars in brand activations expecting to build a closer relationship with shoppers, but the challenge is how to be consistent right until the point of sale. 
A brand activation can start on social media also roll-out to events, festivals or game sponsorships. In fact, there appears to be many ways to work with experiential marketing, but some brands are fail understand that the purchase journey ends at the register and not outside the store.
In Australia, the beauty category is highly competitive, especially the deodorant segment which is constantly investing in brand activation. Global brands such as Dove, Nivea, and Rexona are always on the media through digital influencers and sports events. However, they should be aware that a successful brand activation also includes product purchase on the shelf.
 Aglo’s shoppers photographed hundreds of the deodorant shelves in the past few weeks, and they found non-complaint shelves in Coles, Woolworths, and pharmacies stores. In this case, the brand activation investment hasn’t paid off, since shoppers are not able to purchase the brand on the shelf.
 If you want to track hundreds of shelves across Australia in minutes, sign up to Aglo Community Gallery and track if your brand activation is also consistent at the point of sale.
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Aglo Community Galleries

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