Brand Storytelling at the Point-of-Sale

Brand Storytelling at the Point-of-Sale

Brand storytelling is one of the best strategies for connecting with your shopper. 

Today, more and more brands are actively sharing their values, visions and attitudes through compelling stories. These stories help create a relationship with the target audience and open up channels for two-way communication.

To get the most out of storytelling, however, brands must be able to link the narrative to the point-of-sale. Plenty of brands initiate their stories online through their websites, ads, and social media. But only a few of them are able to complete the story and engage shoppers when they are face-to-face with the brand on the shelf.

A great example of successful brand storytelling is Huon Salmon. The ethically-farmed salmon brand is approved by the RSPCA and centers its story around sustainable fishing in Australia. 

Huon's website invites shoppers to join the cause and explain all the benefits of being RSPCA.

By sharing content about the RSPCA on its website and social media, Huon effectively aligns itself with the ethical treatment of animals, a cause that many people already support. Huon also links this narrative to the point-of-sale by reminding shoppers of its association with the RSPCA through in-store ads.

Woolworths stores with Huon's brand storytelling execution at the point-of-sale

This kind of storytelling at the point-of-sale raises brand awareness among customers and reminds shoppers why they should buy Huon over its competitors.

Many brands are missing out on the opportunity to tell the last part of their stories. By neglecting the point-of-sale, even the most thoughtful narrative can lose the attention of its audience where it counts most.

P&G, the largest FMCG media investor in Australia, is missing opportunities to fully engage with their shoppers.

Head & Shoulders communication on Youtube and TV in Sydney

Despite the investment in media, P&G is missing the opportunity of executing the storytelling at the point-of-sale. Photo: pharma store in Sydney.

If you want to see how Huon and P&G are performing at hundreds of stores, sign up to Aglo and navigate across Australia in minutes. You will see the execution of your brand and also from competitors in Coles, Woolworths, Terry White and Chemist Warehouse.

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