NPD bliss: 6 things you can learn from Carman’s impeccable execution

NPD bliss: 6 things you can learn from Carman’s impeccable execution

Carman’s Bliss Balls had impeccable execution on the shelf in the stores we visited for this report.

Carman’s Bliss Balls – 3 flavours

Carman’s released Bliss Balls in April 2018. This product is made of natural and clean ingredients to meet consumer demands for healthy lifestyle products. This NPD was found not only at the cereal bar shelf but also at the health aisle. 

Let’s see how well this NPD was executed in-store.

NPD Execution

Aglo’s network of shoppers regularly inspects the aisles of Australian supermarkets to detect new product launches and assess how they have been executed across different stores formats and regions. We have over a thousand shoppers on our platform, and we cover 3.000 stores across Australia. For this article, we researched the new Carman’s Bliss Balls.

Aglo NPD Rating

Number of stores audited with product



Carman’s had impeccable NPD distribution in the stores we visited across Australia

Number of assortment (number of varieties) found on the shelves



Assortment is also well executed with 78% of store displaying the 3 new SKUs

Number of facings encountered on the shelf



70% of total stores had at least 3 facings on the shelf

Product ranged or not ranged (if shelf is empty)



There were a few stores running out products but still ranged

Product location - top / middle / bottom shelf

Shelf Location


56% of stores with Bliss Balls on the top shelf location, and 39% on the middle location

Number of retailers ranged (Aldi, IGA, Woolworths, Coles)



Product was only ranged at Coles

If the product is available in retailers online shop

Online Shop


Carman’s Bliss Balls was also displayed online in both retail chains

If product has been promoted in retailer catalogue (in CBD area)



No product on Woolworths and Coles catalogue (CBD) in August 2018



Carman’s Bliss Balls has been executed extremely well on the shelf

Stores Surveyed

• 112 Stores: Coles & Woolworths

• Period: Jul 27th to Jul 29th

If you are launching a new product, we can help with ensuring successful execution in your partner stores. Talk to us to find out how you can leverage crowdsourcing & AI in your business.

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