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The Juice Brothers Sparkling Fruit Drink NPD

Do not fail with your NPD Can you do better than The Juice Brothers and nail your next NPD launch? We found that The Juice …

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Tilly’s Guilt Free Frozen Dessert NPD

Do not fail to display the full assortment on-shelf Protect your NPD assortment on Woolworths’ shelf and perform better than Tilly’s Guilt-Free Frozen Dessert Tillys …

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Bambini Bar DHA

This NPD had fantastic assortment execution, most of the stores checked were displaying all three flavours. Although there was good distribution and assortment, there are …

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Bodiology Vanilla 2

Bodiology Vanilla

This report is a brief NPD summary of Bodiology Vanilla 400g from Fonterra. It has an outstanding shelf execution for a recent NPD and the …

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Nexba On Shelf

Nexba Pineapple: A Coles-only NPD

A new flavour of Australian made low sugar soft drink, we found Nexba Pineapple had good on-shelf availability in stores where it was ranged. However, …

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Patties Vegetarian Quiche Spinach & Feta

Patties Vegetarian Quiche Spinach & Fetta had great on-shelf availability, however opportunity to improve distribution and number of facings. The Greater Sydney region is a …

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AussieMite fights for shelf impact: we weigh their attempt to become the next Australian icon

With Kraft and Bega in court over Peanut Butter, local hero Aussiemite is getting into more stores. We looked into their recent NPD and found …

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Forbidden Brekky Rice

Forbidden Foods: Rolling out Brekky Rice in Woolies

A rice foods company based in Melbourne, Forbidden Foods recently released an organic “BREKKY” rice pudding. We found their Woolworths rollout to have been executed …

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Kellogs final

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Granola

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Granola has been executed very well on the shelf.  KELLOGG’S Granola – 2 flavours Kellogg’s launched the new Fabulous Fruits & Nuts …

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McCAin 3

McCain Slow Cooked Meals

Overall the McCain Slow Cooked Meal NPD was well executed on the shelf and had excellent brand visibility. Mc Cain – 3 Flavours McCain launched …

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