Consumer Insights Drive Revenue

Consumer Insights Drive Revenue

Brands today are facing shorter product life cycles, increased competition, more demanding consumers and declining prices over time. This is the new market reality not only in Australia but also globally.

To face this new reality, brands are digging deeper for valuable consumer insights. These insights provide vital information about the target’s behaviour, attitudes and beliefs.

The FMCG firms that are translating these insights into business opportunities are the ones driving revenue on shelf. They’re executing the ideal product portfolio, launching assertive NPDs, designing consumer-specific packaging and placing the SKUs in the best position on-shelf.

One such firm is SunRice, an Australian FMCG firm that produces rice-based products in Australia, Asia, North America and the Middle East. 

SunRice has an extensive rice portfolio and a range of pack formats to delight the local and global market. As a result, it’s the market leader in Australia and keeps positive growth on the shelf. [1]

We asked our shoppers to photograph the rice shelves in Coles and Woolworths across Australia and this is what we found:

Store with full range of products and pack formats segmented per type and benefits

Based on the range of products, it’s clear that SunRice has a solid understanding of their Australian target. The range appeals to different demographics and includes functional benefits and pack sizes. These features point to good consumer insight analysis.

Product Portfolio
Packaging Formats

If you want to gather more information about your consumer, sign up to Aglo Community Galleries and see exactly what your shoppers see. 

Aglo Community Galleries

Community Galleries is an industry database containing thousands of photos of in-store photos captured in retailers across Australia. 

  • Australia’s largest repository of store photos
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Use the store photos to see how your product is presented.


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