Shock and Awe: See how Doritos blanketed the market with new Crackers

Shock and Awe: See how Doritos blanketed the market with new Crackers

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Aglo’s network of shoppers inspected the aisles of Australian supermarkets to detect the new product launch and how it has been executed across different stores formats and regions. We have more than a thousand shoppers, and we cover around 3.000 stores across Australia.

See how the new Doritos Crackers is performing on the shelf.

Brand: Doritos Crackers  – 4 flavours

Doritos is a PepsiCo brand and has recently launched a new product, Doritos Crackers. The new launch is part of the company’s strategy to move towards a healthier category. This product has the challenge to enter into a new shelf competing with Arnott’s brand. See how this battle is running.

Packaging: Doritos Crackers: Mexicana / Cheese Supreme / Texa BBQ /Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream.

  • 91 Stores: Coles and Woolworths
  • Period: Jul 6th to Jul 9th

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