Easter Shopping Survey 2018

Easter Shopping Survey 2018

We surveyed our shoppers and asked them for insights into their Easter shopping. Via our App, we asked shoppers:-

  • Where would they be doing their Easter shopping?
  • What would they be buying especially for Easter?
  • How far ahead do they plan for their Easter shop?
  • How would they be spending their time during Easter?

Check out the Infographic below for the survey responses from our shoppers.

We also asked our shoppers to capture eye catching retail displays that they come across during their Easter shop. Check out their photos & comments in the gallery below.











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We hope you find the above Easter shopping insights useful.

With thousands of shoppers Australia wide on our App platform, we are never more than 2 metres away from your point-of-sale. Contact us for a chat to find out more about how we can help you with your retail presence.

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