How tracking your competitors help your brand’s growth

How tracking your competitors help your brand’s growth

You spend a lot of time implementing the ideal execution of your brand on the shelf. Now think about the frustration of reading a report from your team, weeks later, and find out that your competitor reduced your shelf space. You might be thinking “How long has my brand been shrinking”.?

Tracking competitors effectively is fundamental to your brand’s growth.  So, the faster you notice something is wrong, the quicker you can take action and solve it. Additionally, tracking competitors is also essential to ensure your successful product launch, seasonal brand campaign or shielding your mainstream brand portfolio on the shelf.

No matter if you are a brand leader or brand follower, track your competitors strategically and perform better in-store using real-time information from the field. The critical elements of this game are information, agility and action plans.

Win Back Your Shelf Space

Let’s use a real-life example, look in this picture. Vitasoy has lost shelf space from Organic Macro (from the private label).  You might be asking yourself: “How long has the competitor been stealing space from my brand? Is it happening in other stores too? How much sales have been lost?

Adapt To Your Competitors

So, if you keep up tracking competitors regularly, you will be able to adapt your strategy quickly, and always be one step ahead of them. As a result, you probably won’t have any big surprises like having your competitors taking over your shelf space and compromising your growth.

Understand where the opportunities are

  • Monitor weekly your competitor, and you will ensure excellent results for your brand’s visibility on the shelf.
  • Track your competitors all over Australia. It is not only about your brand but also the competitive environment.
  • Manage your brand execution successfully outside the office, winning with shoppers is essential to your sell out.

Don’t fly blind in retail, check on what is happening instore with your category or competitors. Login to Aglo Galleries and find real-time insights.


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 Author: Ricardo Yoshioka. Aglo’s team member with prior experience in Marketing and Sales working for FMCG food industry.

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