Lifts sales with compliant shelf planogram

Lifts sales with compliant shelf planogram

Shelf planogram lifts sales

The right shelf planogram lifts sales  by mapping shopper’s behavior during the purchase process.

The hair care industry knows how important a shelf planogram is. Category captains lead the planogram in partnership with Coles and Woolworths to increase sales and product performance on the shelf.

Investment is wasted on a non-compliant shelf planogram

Untold thousands of dollars are spent in understanding the shopper’s behaviour every year, keeping up with the latest trends and developing new ways to engage customers. However, this investment is won’t pay off if the shelf is not in compliance on a daily basis.

Our shoppers photographed some shelves from Coles and Woolworths and noticed that seemingly similar stores had diverse shelf planograms. Clustering is real, and will only get smarter as retailers understand shopper data better. 

See more shelf planograms in Aglo Community Galleries

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Coles Store, VIC
Woolworths Store, VIC

Aglo Community Galleries

Community Galleries is an industry database containing thousands of photos of in-store photos captured in retailers across Australia. 

  • Australia’s largest repository of store photos
  • Crowdsourced & updated daily by shoppers
  • Search/Filter by region & store easily

Use the store photos to see how your product is presented.


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