Nielsen, IRi or Aglo: Choosing the right syndicated data provider

Nielsen, IRi or Aglo: Choosing the right syndicated data provider

The FMCG retail environment has never been more competitive. New products launch and fail every day. Consumer lifestyles are changing, and so are their buying behaviors. To survive and grow, brands and retailers need all the information they can get.

The good news is: information is everywhere these days. The bad news: with so many options, it’s hard to know who has the most relevant, cost-effective solutions for your brand.

We’re here to help.

There are really three syndicated data providers we think you should be aware of: Nielsen, IRi and Aglo.

The last one, of course, is us. But this isn’t just an attempt to sell you on Aglo. This is a guide for you – to help you understand what each firm provides and what makes them different.

We’ll provide you with the what, the how, the why and the how much.

Let’s start with Nielsen.

What: Nielsen is an information, measurement and analytics firm. It’s a global syndicated data operation, providing views of consumers and markets in over 100 countries. The American company covers advertisers, agencies, media owners, CPG retailers and CPG manufacturers. 

How: Nielsen has solutions for a range of challenges, from consumer engagement to sales effectiveness. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Consumer engagement: Nielsen can help you measure customer satisfaction, build your brand, construct demographic profiles and incorporate behavioural information into your customer acquisition process.
  • Innovation: The intelligence firm will identify good ideas, advise your new product team and monitor the sustainability of your product.
  • Marketing effectiveness: This solution uses tools to measure your audience, evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising and optimise your brand message.
  • Sales effectiveness: Using extensive shopper data, Nielsen can help you plan your promotions, measure your sales and determine the optimal locations on the shelf.

Why: When it comes to CPG data sources, Nielsen is definitely one of the more established options. With decades of experience and massive datasets, Nielsen can approach your brand’s challenges from multiple angles.

Several of the solutions involve consumer panels or survey data. If you’re interested in learning what customers say, this is a really good option.

Nielsen also has many valuable exclusivity deals with major retailers, so that might be something you take into consideration.

How much: The prices for their solutions aren’t available on their website.

Next, let’s look at IRi.

What: IRi is another American market research company, which acquired Aztec (a leading provider of market measurement in Australia) back in 2013. IRi has one of the world’s largest sets of purchase, media, social, causal and loyalty data.

How: IRi has a ton of different solutions. The website mentions six areas of specialization: (1) market performance and strategy, (2) consumer and shopper, (3) analytics and in-market execution, (4) retail and collaboration, (5) big data technology and (6) manufacturing.

Instead of listing all the different subcategories, here are examples of the kinds of services listed in the analytics and in-market execution category:

  • Product pricing and promotion
  • Assessment of the media environment
  • Optimisation of promotional planning and media activity
  • Assortment solution guides (In other words, getting the right product in the right place.)
  • Custom assortments

Why: IRi has a long history of using market intelligence to help businesses grow. There are an extensive number of solutions, so there aren’t many problems you could have that IRi wouldn’t have some kind of answer for.

When we reached out to IRi, a representative sent us this quote from a customer:

I believe IRI really does live and breathe delivering growth for their customers and trying to understand how they can support us and to grow our business. I believe all their tools now from scan to the fresh panel gives us the complete package and IRI brings that to the table to really unlock those key insights you can take to customers.

Richard Winters, Head of Category, Inghams Enterprises

IRi also has basically zero sample-size constraints, so their shopper profiles are quite reliable and specific.

How much:  The IRi website also doesn’t show the prices for their solutions. 

Finally, let’s talk about Aglo.

What: Aglo is a retail intelligence firm based in Sydney that uses crowdsourced data and AI technology to generate store insights.

How: Every day, Aglo’s network of shoppers photograph shelves in supermarkets across Australia. Data is extracted from the photos via image recognition, and scorecards are provided to manage retail execution, maximise on-shelf availability and improve in-store marketing. Here’s an overview of Aglo’s solutions:

  • Promotional compliance: Aglo shows you what your shelves look like from a shopper’s perspective, which allows you to manage your product promotions in real time. We’ll give you weekly scorecards for your promotions that assess availability, number of facings, assortment, shelf position, stockouts, POS execution and pricing.
  • Segment review: This solution helps you uncover and justify high-value distribution opportunities using store photos and facts for your retailer presentation.
  • NPD check: Aglo will help you monitor the execution of your NPD on the shelf, allowing you to track merchandising compliance and pricing execution so you can fix issues early on.
  • Field images: The Aglo app makes it easy for your reps to capture the right images in the field with no data entry. The photos are organised in Aglo’s Galleries, where they can be used to identify execution issues, coach your team, watch competitors and show retailers your side of the story.
  • Community galleries: View and contribute to Australia’s largest repository of in-store images. The galleries are updated daily and can be filtered by region, category, retailer or rep.
  • Eye tracking: Using machine learning and our proprietary library of thousands of retail images, Aglo’s Aitrak solution delivers fast, accurate eye tracking data that shows you exactly where shoppers are looking.

Why: Aglo’s specialty is in-store execution. It’s the only service that provides thousands of searchable in-store photos so you can visually identify problems or opportunities and address them with retailers.

The photos also show you exactly what customers are seeing on the shelf. Details such as shelf position and availability can have a huge impact on a shopper’s decision, so it’s important to keep an eye on your display execution.

This information doesn’t just have implications for how the shopper will interact with your products. It also gives insight into consumer trends and market dynamics. By regularly checking share of shelf, you can get an idea of how your category is changing over time.

So if you’re interested in seeing what customers see, Aglo is the best option.

How much:  Aglo’s prices are very affordable even for smaller clients and our prices are listed right on the website. For your convenience, here’s a quick breakdown:

Solution Price
Field App Free
Community Galleries Free
Enterprise Galleries - your custom in-store bank $20 a month per user
Aglo Shopper Visits $10 per visit
Aglo Scorecards $1 per scorecard
Aglo Display Feedback $1 per display

If you have a new brand or product or you just don’t have a big budget to spend on retail information, Aglo has effective solutions to increase your sales for a fraction of the cost.


If you’re in need of information-based retail assistance, you have plenty of options. These three providers are some of the best sources for retail syndicated data. While there’s a good deal of overlap, each offers unique solutions. When deciding who to consult – whether it’s Algo, Nielsen or IRi – consider your needs and resources so you can pick the most relevant, cost-effective solution for your brand.


Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

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