Plant based milk: which category planogram?

Plant based milk: which category planogram?

Plant based milk: which category planogram?

The Australian Dairy Farmers group is moving a debate with the federal government about plant-based beverages labeling their products as milk.
According to The Australian Dairy Farmers, plant-based beverages should not label these products using the word milk. They also request that plant-based beverages should be banned from using dairy nutritional credentials and placed on a different shelf. 

This may mean big changes to the category planogram.
Over the years, the plant-base beverage has grown significantly on the shelves of Australian retailers and can possibly overtake the dairy milk category over time. Aglo decided to investigate more about the topic and our shoppers photographed hundreds of milk’s shelves across the retailers in the past few weeks.
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Plant based "milk" shelf
Milk's shelf

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