Tilly’s Guilt Free Frozen Dessert NPD

Tilly’s Guilt Free Frozen Dessert NPD

Do not fail to display the full assortment on-shelf

Protect your NPD assortment on Woolworths’ shelf and perform better than Tilly’s Guilt-Free Frozen Dessert

Tillys Guilt-Free Frozen Dessert is failing in NPD execution at Woolworths by having poor assortment on the shelf.

Aglo has been tracking NPDs in supermarkets across Australia, and this month, we decided to check on how Tilly’s Guilt-Free Frozen Dessert is being executed.

The right assortment is key in the ice cream market

Tilly’s Guilt Free launches 3 innovative SKUs

Simple Foods recently launched Tilly’s, a new guilt-free frozen dessert for Woolworths in February 2019. Tilly’s targets health-conscious consumers who are looking for a guilt-free treat.

Tilly’s is ranged in the ice cream category. To win in the ice cream category, brands need to have a full assortment on the shelf. Consumers are always looking for different flavours, so it is essential to have the full assortment ranged.

NPD Execution

Tilly’s Guilt Free NPD is missing on the shelf

Aglo’s network of shoppers inspected 33 Woolworths from March 4th to March 8th 2019 to check on the new product launch and how it has been executed across different stores formats and regions.

We found that although the overall NPD was being executed well, the assortment was not compliant in 52% of Woolworths stores, with Vanilla in particular having poor on shelf availability.

NPD Rating

We assessed 5 key NPD metrics for Tilly’s in 33 stores

Number of assortment (number of varieties) found on the shelves

Tillys Cool Beans Vanilla was available only in 62% of stores.

Number of facings encountered on the shelf

Only 52% of stores had full assortment

Product ranged or not ranged (if shelf is empty)

92% of stores had more than 2 facings displayed.

Product location - top / middle / bottom shelf
Shelf Location

Just 15% of the Tilly's range was on eye level.

Number of retailers ranged (Aldi, IGA, Woolworths, Coles)

91% of the stores had the correct price


Weak NPD execution on the shelf.

NPD Assortment

Ensure full NPD assortment on the shelf by using Aglo

Working with brands across Australia, Aglo has found that successful NPDs track 5 key metrics for the first three months after launch.

If you don’t track your NPD from day 1, you run a serious risk of being delisted – not because your product was not great, but because of avoidable NPD execution problems.

If you can’t get to enough stores to check how your NPD is being executed, or you need tools to manage the torrent of in-store photos from your team, Aglo can help.

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