Shelf space: chip titans battle it out

Shelf space: chip titans battle it out

PepsiCo and Snack Brands Australia are fighting for shelf space in every store in Australia. The two titans together have more than 90% of Australian shelves.

Snack Brands Australia is a national brand  based in NSW and wisely build its brand positioning in the consumer’s mind as “Australian Made”. Snack Brand knows how Australians are proud to consume local products and brands.

However, the American PepsiCo has also noted importance of “Australian Made” claim, and so decided to upgrade local manufacturing. According to Food and Drinks Business, PepsiCo has recently spent $37m upgrading its Regency Park manufacturing facility in South Australia.

The battle on chip’s shelf will certainly be fierce in a few weeks from now as spring brings warmer weather and more outdoor activities. Our shoppers have been taken some photos of the chip shelf recently, but we expect a category update soon in both Woolworths and Coles.
If your brand is also on chip shelf, you may want to monitor you share of shelf space and look for some niches. To see more shelf images, sign up to Aglo Community Galleries.

Store VIC
Store NSW

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