Shopping in the time of coronavirus

Shopping in the time of coronavirus

To avoid our health system being overwhelmed, we are being asked to change the way we live our lives. If we can stay at home for a few weeks, we need to minimise our shopping trips.

To support this, Aglo is doing a few things:

  1. Limiting you to only less missions per campaign. This means you can only do Aglo missions alongside your normal shopping. We know you love using Aglo, but we don’t want you visiting stores just to do Aglo missions.
  2. Adding more “tasks” you can do at home. We have a huge backlog of images to be tagged, and we need your help!

Watch for updates on this.

Update 4 July 2020

The restrictions we had in place now only apply locations under lockdown in Melbourne. If you live in an affected location, please don’t do Aglo missions except in your regular shopping trips.


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