3 Examples of Using Shelf Stoppers To Drive Sales

3 Examples of Using Shelf Stoppers To Drive Sales

While digital ads and social media engagement are hot trends in advertising right now, none of that matters once a potential customer is in a store that sells your product.

Any FMCG marketer has likely heard the famous statistic: “70% of grocery shopping decisions are made at the store”. If you fail to stand out amidst the traffic jam of your competitors, customers will turn on their blinker lights and pass your product by– with no glance through their rear-view mirror.

This is why companies looking to keep their customers’ attention are investing in point-of-sale advertising, particularly with stopper advertisements.

These eye-catching, extravagant displays are meant to make the customer “stop” in their tracks and check out the new product launch or promotional effort neatly laid out in front of them.

However, stopper ads need to be executed with expert diligence and discretion, as shoppers report immense frustration when they don’t find the advertised product available on the nearby shelves.

With this in mind, Aglo set out to analyse real stopper ads being utilised in Coles stores. We measured their accuracy, effectiveness, and uncovered multiple areas for optimisation.

What We Did:

Aglo’s network of shoppers inspected the aisles of Australian supermarkets to determine if the product promoted on the shelf aligned with the messaging in the stopper ads. Three different brands with current activations were selected for this survey: UP&GO Blends, Uncle Toby’s “Chewy Bar”, and Arnott’s “Tiny Teddy” snacks.

How We Did It:

Aglo sent out a “mission” to our 1000+ person Australian shopper network. Each shopper was to report to an assigned Coles. Their mission? Take photographs of their appointed category and respective stopper ads.

These photos were then processed by the Aglo Image Engine, which uses a combination of crowdsourcing and image recognition to generate data for further analysis.

What We Discovered:

UP&GO blends is launching a new product with three new SKUs:  Cocoa & Almond, Banana & Cinnamon and Mango & Coconut.

  • only 27.5% of surveyed stores had stoppers promoting new product launch
  • 10% of stores with stopper ads did not carry the advertised products in store

When examining only stores that displayed UP&GO™ stoppers ads for this product,  90% of stores matched the stoppers with products on adjacent shelves.

However, UP&GO™ blends are not utilizing stoppers in nearly 3 out of every 4 of the stores audited by our shoppers. Additionally, 30% the stores using stoppers did not carry all the varieties of the product that were advertised, sometimes possessing none of the three types.

UNCLE TOBYS® has been feverishly promoting its 12 Bars Value Pack.

  • 70% of audited stores do not have stoppers highlighting the value pack
  • 100% of stores with stoppers matching with product availability (minimum 1 SKU)

Despite 100% of the audited stores accompanying their stopper ads with the value packs nearby, Uncle Toby should hardly be rejoicing.

After all, only 30% of inspected stores even had UNCLE TOBYS® stoppers on display at all. This low visibility means missed squandered sales opportunities.

TINY TEDDY ARNOTTS® activated a three-flavour, 15-bag Value Pack promotion.

  • 79.3% of surveyed stores had stoppers communicating the value pack promotion
  • but 17.3% of stores did not have the products advertised on the stopper ads

Being the leading company in the category, Arnott sales directors likely ensure superior execution at point-of-sale. Their snacks may be tiny, but their massive, eye-popping displays more than make up for Teddy’s stature.

What We Learned:

Based on the data from these three missions, Aglo’s team found that each stopper campaign faced unique challenges. Multiple opportunities for optimisation were discovered for each brand to improve their use and implementation of stopper ads.

For UP&GO™,  retail managers were reminded to do their due diligence, and ensure their plans are being realised. In the case of  UNCLE TOBYS® we learned that a stopper ad campaign is only as strong as its weakest links.

While Tiny Teddy certainly encountered the most success, the multiple stores lacking display and shelf alignment serve as newfound focal points for field sales managers to hone in on.

After all, customers at the point-of-sale are those most keen to purchase. When stoppers are effective, those “red lights” can turn pockets green in no time.

The results might not be what your sales director wants to hear, but receiving actionable insights will ultimately lead to your customers seeing what they want to see.

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