The Juice Brothers Sparkling Fruit Drink NPD

The Juice Brothers Sparkling Fruit Drink NPD

Do not fail with your NPD

Can you do better than The Juice Brothers and nail your next NPD launch?

We found that The Juice Brothers NPD in Woolworths was failing on every measure – from on-shelf availability down.

Aglo has been tracking NPDs across Australia in the last two years. For this report, we reviewed the execution of The Juice Brothers Sparkling Fruit Drink NPD that was launched in March 2019.

The Juice Brothers nailed the product development

The NPD targets an attractive market

Lion Dairy & Drinks launched The Juice Brothers Sparkling Fruit Drink. The NPD is a healthy beverage made of fruits and sparkling water with no added sugar or artificial flavours. The Juice Brothers targets an attractive and growing market in Australia.

NPD is failing in execution

The Juice Brothers’ NPD struggled to execute 5 key NPD metrics

Despite fantastic product development, The Juice Brothers is failing in executing the NPD on the shelf. Aglo’s network of shoppers inspected 33 Woolworths from March 4th to March 8th to check on the new product launch and how it has been executed. See what we’ve found:

  • The NPD was available in only 53% of the stores visited
  • Only 50% of the NPD was located on the eye level shelf
NPD Rating

We assessed 5 key NPD metrics for The Juice Brothers in 33 stores

Many stores were missing SKUs, assortment not compliant and incorrect shelf location.

Number of assortment (number of varieties) found on the shelves



Both SKUs were available only in 53% of the Woolworths stores.

Number of facings encountered on the shelf

Only 56% of the stores had the two flavours on the shelf.

Product ranged or not ranged (if shelf is empty)

87% of the stores had more than 2 facings displayed.

Product location - top / middle / bottom shelf
Shelf Location

Only 50% of the The Brothers Juice range was at eye level.

Number of retailers ranged (Aldi, IGA, Woolworths, Coles)

Only 53% of the stores were price compliant.


Weak NPD execution on the shelf.

NPD Assortment

Turn your NPD into a successful launch using Aglo

We have found that successful NPDs track the 5 key metrics for the first twelve weeks of launch.If you do not know how your NPD is performing, you need to start tracking before your NPD is delisted.If you can’t get around to all the stores, or your team needs tools to manage the deluge of in-store photos, Aglo can help.

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