Make your competition disappear with this one weird trick

Make your competition disappear with this one weird trick

Brands pay good money to have their promotional stickers up on refrigerator doors – and for good reason. As a shopper reaches for the handle to grab whatever they actually came for, they can’t help but notice the friendly, colourful sticker encouraging them to try something else.

For a big, conspicuous ad to exist on that door, however, something has to be covered up. If it’s the product being advertised, the effect is probably harmless. If it’s a competitor’s brand, on the other hand, there could be cause for complaint.

Our shoppers photographed the sticker promotions from various frozen and refrigerated displays at Woolworths. As we analyzed the photos, we noticed that some of the stickers blocked their competitors from view.

To see an example, use the slider below to open and close the door.

Closed Open

While the sticker placements don’t seem intentional (almost all are located in the same spot by the handle), that doesn’t mean their consequences are necessarily benign. A shopper passing by this fridge could easily fail to notice Birds Eye on the shelf.

In some cases, the advertised product wasn’t even located near the sticker at all.

Closed Open

This fridge has a sticker for Maltesers, but when you open the door, Maltesers are nowhere to be found.

If a shopper can’t immediately find the advertised product, it’s unlikely they’ll go hunting for it. In that case, you’re paying for an ad that isn’t doing its job. The only thing this Maltesers sticker is accomplishing is blocking Bulla’s Nourish sticks from view.

In other cases, the sticker was a bit misleading, as it seemed to be advertising another nearby product.

Closed Open

Woolworth’s pink “New” sticker nearly matches the colour of the Classic Strawberry Flavoured Milk label by Dairy Farmers located directly to the left of it. But the sticker actually advertises So Good’s Soy Lite.

If you’re going to pay for an in-store ad, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s not bringing attention to the wrong product.

Aglo’s shoppers are in store every day taking photos of displays like these. Contact us to check up on how your product or promotion looks from a shopper’s perspective.

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