Woolworths’ Earn & Learn 2019 Campaign

Woolworths’ Earn & Learn 2019 Campaign

Brands don’t have access to data during the promotional campaign

Faith is the only data provided 

The Woolworths Earn & Learn 2019 campaign is bringing about positive results to schools, but what about the results for your brand? We know you are delighted in seeing the positive social impact on schools, but we also know you would be delighted in having access and visibility to the campaign too, after all a serious money was invested and you need more visibility.

So you believe that Woolworths is:

  • running the promotional campaign in 995 stores.
  • implementing POS material in 995 shelves if you are a participant brand.
  • executing well your portfolio on shelves to avoid OOS.
  • sharing issues and opportunities with you before the promotion ends.
Brands have limited visibility to Woolworths Earn & Learn promotion DATA

Brands don’t know 

Imagine you were a marketing or sales manager, how would you feel if most of your products were OOS during the promotion? Certainly concerned, right? But, what if the shelf was carefully executed instead? Relieved maybe?  

However, the point here is how well do you know about your brand’s performance during the promotion? How many stores nailed it? How many stores missed the mark? If you don’t have data, we know it is hard. 

Woolworths Store NSW
Woolworths Store QLD
Aglo sponsored research

Earn and Learn Gallery

For the past 5 weeks, Aglo has sponsored industry research tracking the appearance of 10 categories in the Earn and Learn promotion. Join Aglo Community Galleries now to see what happened to your brand and your competitors.

Aglo Community Galleries

Community Galleries is an industry database containing thousands of photos of in-store photos captured in retailers across Australia. 

  • Australia’s largest repository of store photos
  • Crowdsourced & updated daily by shoppers
  • Search/Filter by region & store easily

Use the store photos to see how your product is presented on-shelf during Earn & Learn 2019.


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