Aglo Eye-Tracking

Aglo Eye-Tracking

Maximise the visual impact of your displays by understanding what shoppers see

See what shoppers see. Understand what shoppers see.

As a brand or retailer, you invest heavily when you design packaging, point of sale materials and planograms. But how do you know what customers are really seeing in those first few critical seconds?

Aglo delivers all the benefits of professional eye-tracking studies in minutes, not days. Now you can know exactly where shoppers are looking, in what order and for how long.

Identify your best option

If you’re a designer, category manager or marketer, you bring important insights and FMCG knowledge to the table.

But how do you know that your displays are optimised to capture the right visual attention in the first few seconds? Or if you’re designing a new display, how do you decide between options A, B and C?

Using machine learning and our proprietary library of thousands of retail images, Aglo takes the guesswork and subjective opinions out of the design process.

See Understand
Use the slider to see a visual heatmap of this image. The warmer colors (red, orange, yellow) indicate the spots in the display that get the most attention.

Powered by Aitrak

Powered by Aitrak, Aglo uses machine learning and data to deliver fast, accurate, and reliable results.

Aitrak uses the latest advances in artificial intelligence to create a predictive eye-tracking algorithm with a 95%-97% accuracy rate.

Additionally, Aitrak uses proprietary data collected from hundreds of people viewing thousands of images as part of one of the world’s largest ongoing eye-tracking studies.

It’s easy to use on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The Aglo Process for Eye-Tracking


Send your images to Aglo and provide some background on business goals or needs. Aglo will define the scope and provide you with an outline of the planned approach.


Based on your needs, one of our industry experts will then use the Aitrak engine to analyse your images.


Our expert will then prepare a presentation-ready Aitrak Insight Report with strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations.

Why Aglo?
Technology, speed and objective feedback

  • Unrivalled partnerships with insightful providers
  • Fast and actionable results
  • Objective feedback on how your displays look in store
  • Understand what shoppers see