Community Galleries

Community Galleries

View and contribute to Australia’s largest repository of in-store images


Community Galleries

Aglo Community Galleries is an industry database containing thousands of photos of in-store images captured in retailers across Australia. Photos are contributed by shoppers and other FMCG companies.

Updated daily

Shoppers and FMCG industry participants such as yourself upload shelf photos every day to Aglo

Filter/sort images by region, category, retailer or rep

The Aglo Image Engine tags photos to the appropriate store, allowing you to view the photos whichever way you want.

Powerful Search to find photos easily

Aglo indexes the photos to making them searchable so you can find the shelf photo you need in moments.

Photos from major retailers Australia wide

Our shoppers cover thousands of Australian retail outlets, so you can see your category as they are presented in these stores.

Thousand of images already available

You can search through our database of thousands of shelf photos to view changes in your product category

Easy sharing of photos

Share and comment on photos with your colleagues & partners

Business value


See photos of your category in stores from retail stores all over Australia. Use the photos to improve your direct line of sight into what’s happening at retail.

  • Build the case for more shelf space
    Uncover new distribution opportunities by using the photos
  • Improve retail execution via better retail intelligence
    Better understand how your product is positioned on-shelf & drive improvements using this information
  • Track in-store activations of your competitors
    Get regular updates of what’s happening in your category
  • Use images to facilitate discussions with retailers and your team
    A picture tells a thousand words, use shelf photos to support your message

Solution Details

Sponsored by Aglo to support the FMCG industry, Aglo Community Galleries can be used for free by FMCG industry participants.
Additional Aglo products include:

Aglo App
Give everyone on your team the Aglo App. The Aglo App is easy to use, with no training required. It runs on Android & and Apple phones. Because we preload all the store details, no data entry is required. Just snap the images you want! Aglo backs all images up to the cloud and immediately available in Aglo Galleries.


Aglo Enterprise Galleries
Companies who would prefer to share their photos only internally with selected partners should consider using Aglo Enterprise Galleries. These allow you to see all the content in Aglo Community Galleries, but you control who can see your images.


Aglo Shopper Visits
If you and your team team can’t get around to all the stores you want covered, Aglo’s team of shoppers can visit them for you. The images they capture will be organised into the same galleries as those captured by you and your team.


Aglo Scorecards
Aglo’s Image Engine can score all your images – whether collected by your team or by Aglo shoppers. Use the scorecards to objectively measure store execution against your picture of success


Aglo Instant Feedback
If your team is responsible for setting up displays, the Aglo Image Engine can analyse the images they capture and give them immediate feedback. Get display compliance checked & allow your field team to address issues on the spot.

Why Aglo?

Coverage, speed and immediate objective feedback

  • Shoppers visiting stores across Australia daily
  • Fast and actionable results
  • Objective feedback on what’s happening in-store
  • Start winning more shelf space today, contact us now