Field Images

Field Images

See what’s really happening in the field with automatically organised in-store images

As a retail manager, you can never get enough store images. You use them to identify execution issues, coach your team, watch competitors and to convince retailers about your side of the story. But capturing images is painful, and keeping 1000s of images organised is even harder!

  • Give your reps the Aglo Field App so they can capture the right images every time they visit the store – with no data entry
  • Organise your images with Aglo Galleries so you can find the right images when you need them
  • Use the images to uncover new distribution opportunities

If you need more eyes in the store, commission some Aglo Visits for stores your reps aren’t visiting that week.

Easily capture images from every store visit

  • Easy to use app, with all necessary training built in
  • App pre-loads store details - no need to check in or fill forms
  • All photos tagged and categorised to the correct store
  • Backup all photos taken by your team

Keep all your store images automatically organised

  • In-store images automatically organised by team member, display, store, time, SKU and category
  • Easily search and view your collection of store images in any browser
  • Secure team access to photos in Aglo Galleries via any web browser
  • Photos viewable in Aglo Galleries as soon as they are captured

Keep your team working better and focused on in-store execution

  • View all the stores your team have visited on a map
  • Share results with other team members

Win more shelf space using your store images

  • Identify new category opportunities from the photos
  • Track and understand competitor activity
  • Build up a gallery of in-store photos for your next category review

Use Aglo App to collect photos

Your reps use the Aglo app to collect images while they do their regular store visits. It is so easy that they can take photos with every visit.

  • Automatically check into stores and fills in store details, so there is very little additional work for your reps. Just open the app and take 3 or 4 photos.
  • Easy to use App, all the training your reps need is built in to the app.
  • Photos are automatically tagged with the correct store, saving your reps time.

Use Aglo Enterprise Galleries to organise Photos

Use the Aglo Enterprise Galleries to search and view the images captured by your team.

  • View photos captured by team members as they come in, with no need to wait weeks for in-store photos.
  • Search/Organise photos by team member, display, store, time, SKU, category. You’ll always be able to find just the photos you need.
  • See your team visits on a map. This allows you to immediately see any coverage gaps, and places the images in context.

Pricing and additional services

The Aglo Field Images solution costs $20 per month per user.

Additional services include:
  • Expand your team’s reach with Aglo Shopper Visits
  • Auto analyse your images with Aglo Scorecards
  • Just starting out and want to work with other growing FMCG companies? Then ask us about our solution for Australian FMCG Startups.