NPD Check

Track your NPD on the shelf to ensure a successful launch for your new product


Ensure a successful launch with real time monitoring

  • Monitor the execution of your new NPD in retail outlets
  • Adjust any business issue at an early stage, maximising the possibility of a successful launch
  • Track merchandising compliance and price execution per store or product
  • Identify exactly which stores have issues to be addressed

Negotiate with your retail buyers, suggesting areas of growth and opportunities for your NPD

The Aglo process for NPD Watch

How It Works

Discovery: We gather inputs on your NPD SKU, NPD pricing, packaging, varieties, store list, sales territories, channels. One SKU with up to 6 varieties or pack sizes is included.

Research: For the first 3 months of your NPD, Aglo’s network of shoppers visit 72 metropolitan retail stores weekly to photograph your NPD on the shelf.

Analysis: Aglo analyses the photos to generate a rich set of metrics

Insights: Scorecards are generated based on the extracted metrics to assist you with improving retail execution of your NPD


Share your “picture of success”

We work with you to define what you see as a successful launch. We gather inputs on your NPD SKU, NPD pricing, packaging, varieties, store list, sales territories and channels. Based on your “picture of success” we define a research timetable and the metrics used in the scorecards.


See the results of Aglo store visits in a dynamic gallery

Aglo’s shoppers visit metro retail stores and photograph your NPD on the shelf. You will be able to access a dynamic gallery of all store images captured by shoppers. You’ll start to see the first results within hours, and you’ll be able to identify issues early in your launch. The gallery can be viewed by up to 5 other launch stakeholders.


Understand the metrics behind your launch

You can access the the following metrics for your NPD:-


number of stores the new product is displayed

Number of Facings

average number of facings of the new product displayed (where product was available)

Assortment Availability​

number of pack sizes and/or varieties available

Shelf Positioning​

where the new product is typically displayed: top, eye level, mid level or bottom.


number of stores where the new product is distributed

Assortment Distribution

number of pack sizes and/or varieties distributed in each store


number of stores where the new product is distributed but not available


displayed price of each new product SKU

You can break down by the measures by region, chain and store format, and view how your metrics change over the life of the launch.


Measure your success - and highlight issues

Based on your “picture of success”, you will see a monthly and weekly scorecard for the NPD as a whole – and each store. You’ll receive additional scorecards for each region and chain.

The scorecards include assessing availability, number of facings, assortment, shelf position, stockouts and pricing against your “picture of success”.

Any exceptions are highlighted. Scorecards can be viewed on the Aglo Portal by your launch stakeholders.

Why Aglo?

Coverage, speed and immediate objective feedback

  • Shoppers visiting stores across Australia daily
  • Fast and actionable results
  • Objective feedback on what’s happening in-store
  • Start winning more shelf space today, contact us now