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See into every store & fix problems before they become issues

Mobile retail execution for affordable mobile retail audit

Aglo for Retailers

Aglo for Retailers helps retailers get visibility on what’s happening in every store & shelf in your retail outlets. Store & shelf photos taken by store associates via the Aglo App are analysed by the Aglo Image Engine. Give immediate, objective feedback to associates on retail execution. Store associates are empowered to remediate issues without the need for management intervention.

How It Works


Define execution standards for your display shelves & promotions


Shelves are photographed via our App by store associates at regular checkpoints


 Data is extracted from photos via image recognition using crowdsourcing & AI


Use & galleries to manage retail execution, maximise on-shelf availability and improve in-storprovided e scorecards marketing


Improve visibility into your
entire retail network

Get a real time feed on what’s happening into your entire retail network, whether it be wholly owned or franchised outlets. With Aglo, you have instant access to photos & scorecards of shelf execution across all your stores

Replace Your Mystery Shoppers

Your store associates can spot mystery shoppers a mile away. Mystery shopping programmes are also slow and expensive. Replace your mystery shopping programme by getting your store associates to do their own retail audits – of their own execution. Then they can address execution issues without HQ involvement.  



Ensure Your Displays & Promotions Are Executed Correctly


Get execution issues fixed without HQ involvement


Deliver superior
in-store experience for your customers


Detailed store & shelf analytics to improve planning

How Aglo Can Be Used

Use Aglo to conduct retail audits, manage & track metrics

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