Nexba Pineapple: A Coles-only NPD

A new flavour of Australian made low sugar soft drink, we found Nexba Pineapple had good on-shelf availability in stores where it was ranged.

However, it was only found in 60% of Coles stores visited, we'll be watching to see how Nexba can extend distribution of this SKU.

Nexba Pineapple Sparkling Infusion

Nexba Pineapple Sparkling Infusion is now available at Coles. This thirst quenching pineapple soft drink is naturally sugar free, with no sugar and nothing artificial. This product was recently ranged at Coles. 

NPD Execution

Aglo’s network of shoppers went into Coles supermarkets to check on this new product launch and how well it has been executed across different stores formats and regions. 

Stores Surveyed

• 25 Stores: Coles

• Period: Sep 20th to Sep 24th

Aglo NPD Rating

The photos captured by shoppers were analysed using the Aglo Image Recognition engine. Key NPD metrics were extracted from the photos and used to generate a scorecard for this NPD.

Distribution 18/30 Product was distributed in only 60% of stores audited (further details on stores & regions available on request)
Assortment 25/25 All stores surveyed had the correct assortment (only the single SKU in this research study, hence full marks)​
Facing 11/20 57% of stores with 2 facings of this NPD. Other SKUs from Nexba had on average 3 facings​
Availability 15/15 In stores which had this product ranged, there were no out-of-stock issues
Shelf Location 2/4 43% of products were located in the middle shelf (no clear planogram)
Retailers 1/4 Product was ranged only at Coles according to the agreement
Online Shop 0/1 Product wasn’t available online in the Coles online store.
Catalogue 0/1 Product was not listed in the Coles catalogue during the period checked.
TOTAL 72/100 Extending distribution to more stores is the major opportunity for this newly released SKU.

For Nexba, extending distribution is the main opportunity for this NPD. By using crowdsourcing to research & better understand the category and shelf layouts in stores, Nexba can obtain data to negotiate with retail buyers for additional space for this NPD.

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