Get rewarded for sharing insights while shopping

Join our community of shoppers to earn cash & points using your smartphone

What is Aglo?

Aglo is a free app that offers you a fast & easy way to earn cash rewards using your phone. Get rewarded by taking photos (‘Missions’) during your shopping trip and by reviewing photos from fellow shoppers (‘Tasks’).

Fast & Simple

Fast & easy, all you need is a smartphone with a camera

Earn Real Cash

Cash Rewards are paid direct into your PayPal account


Fun! Join our community of shoppers

Earn Anywhere

Earn rewards both shopping & also at home

How Does It Work?

It’s very simple! All you need to do is a smartphone and PayPal account, and to follow the steps below:


Find Missions & Tasks

Using our App, find missions & tasks to complete

Take Photos

Take photos & answer questions on your phone

Get Paid

Your answers get reviewed, and your PayPal account is paid within two working days

What is Required?

Here are some examples of Missions & Tasks. Missions are completed in the store during your regular shopping trip, and typically involve taking a photo. Tasks can be done anywhere, and involves reviewing photos from your fellow shoppers and answering questions on what you see.

Missions In Store


Shelf Display Photo

Take a Photo of a shelf display in a store

Price Tag Photo

Take a photo of price tags of specified products

Tasks Anywhere


Product Count

Count how many product facings you see in the photo

Product Price

Enter the price of the product shown in photo

Ready to get rewarded?

Get started by downloading our App now! If you have further questions, check out our FAQ or drop us a note.